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Angel Flow
Angel flow, flying from the sky, alights onto the hill, way up high.

Folding in, her delicate wings, she begins to sing in the dream.

Who is she? Will I ever know? Maybe I might find out who she is under that tree, as hope and fear run though me.

Destiny , I've tried to rewrite it so many times, but each time its sad.

The whimsical angel sings, looking like a royal lady, up on high above, come and see.

All the dreamers come, from far and wide, to hear her music as if on a ride.

Her song is at an end, a single tear falls for her friends, caught by one lucky knight, the tear is a star, it shines so bright.

Then she ascends into the sky, becomes a star far to high. Then those brave enough
to hope to see, quest for that star, eternally.
If we do not have empirical evidence, repeatable tests, or a valid and sound argument, we must be skeptical, of the conclusions.
nice. thank you very much for posting this here!

this would be good set to music... i know, i will get hoppin!


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